David Martin is a former ministry colleague of Pastor Shane. He now serves as the National Director of Youth Outreach for a ministry called I Am Second, and as one of the pastors at New Life Church in Colorado.

The Witness | Acts 1:6-9
David Martin | July 23, 2017

Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss what the sermon helped you understand about the relationship between your own sin/fallenness and evangelism. Are you willing to ask God to give you opportunities to use your story of brokenness to share about the goodness of God with others? 
  2. In the sermon we discussed how, “the moment we become vulnerable we become believable.” What holds you back from honesty and vulnerability with othersin sharing God’s story of grace in your life?  
  3. Some people interpret Acts 1:8 as suggesting that “being witnesses” simply means inviting people to church. Do you agree? As a personal witness ofJesus’ saving work, are you content with occasionally inviting a non-Christian to church instead of sharing the story Jesus has written for you to share with others? 
  4. What specifically is God asking you to do with what you’ve learned about sharing your faith in Jesus? Share your answer with your Community Group. 

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that God wold grow us individually and as a church in transparently sharing our story of God’s grace in our lives with others.
  2. Pray that God would regularly give you organic opportunities to be his witness in your family, neighborhood, city, workplace, and beyond.  

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