Community Group Leader Training

Are you interested in learning about becoming a Community Group leader? Do you feel called to get equipped? Would you like to help lead a Community Group or even to launch a new group? Are you already leading a Community Group, but looking for an opportunity to sharpen your leadership tools as well as a chance to add a few more tools to your tool belt?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please join us for a special  six-week Community Group Leader Training. We will be hosting the training at Sound City Bible Church from September 16 – October 21 on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8:30.

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As a church, the primary way that we live out the idea of biblical community is through Community Groups. Each week we invite and challenge people to plug into Community Groups—it’s a drum that we beat often and beat loudly. We do this because we believe that human beings were created for relationship, both with God and with one another. Unfortunately, when mankind fell into sin, all those relationships were damaged and severed. The good news is that Jesus, through his death and resurrection, makes it possible for relationship with God to be restored. Jesus also makes it possible for us to experience reconciled relationships with one another. To see more about what the bible says about this, read Ephesians 2:11-22.

In our digital, online age, people exist apart from meaningful community and relationships maybe more than ever before. But isolation is not good for anyone, and God’s design is for people to live their lives alongside others. For the follower of Jesus, community is not an option.

Most of our existing groups are bursting at the seams. For us to be good stewards of the people God has led to this church family and those who he continues to send our way, we need to plant new groups throughout the area. Help us be good stewards of the grace God is pouring out on this church. Help us create new groups where people from this church can plug in and experience life giving biblical community. Get equipped to lead a Community Group!

Sign up now for the upcoming Community Group Leader Training September 16 – October 21.

Course Outline

Every week will have a mix of teaching, immersion experience (where we actually engage in dynamics that you would experience in a community group), and then time as a large group to debrief the immersion experience. There will also be some reading and individual exercises to complete during the week.

Topics Covered

  • The philosophy of the Community Group Ministry
  • Dynamics of leading a Community Group
  • Leading discussions
  • Fostering a healthy place for accountability
  • Leading prayer time
  • How to handle child care
  • How to use life stories to build relational bridges
  • The value of having a group covenant
  • Role descriptions for Community Group Coaches, Leaders, and other roles within the community group
  • Making disciples

FAQ’S About the Community Group Leader Training

Will there be child care? Yes, for those who register ahead of time.

If I go through the training do I have to become a Community Group leader? No. You may find during the class that leading a group would not be a good fit for your gifts and abilities. We will be working with each person/couple who go through the class to help assess if leading is a group would be a good step for them to take.

Do I have to be a covenant member? While you do have to be a covenant member to become a Community Group Leader, you do not have to be a covenant member to attend the Community Group Leader Training.

Is this for men only? No. We encourage couples to go through this together. We also welcome singles—both women and men— to participate in the class as well.

I can’t make it to this training. Will there be another training in the future? We hope to have another Community Group Training in the winter or spring of 2016. But that is not certain at this time.