A Home For Sound City

We are richly blessed. God has graciously given us a new lease on life! When we re-planted in January of this year, we faced a host of unknowns. As we walked day to day, depending on God for guidance and provision, we saw him work in amazing ways to establish this church. We’ve seen countless evidences of his grace and we rejoice in the mighty work he has been doing in and through this church!

Over the past few months, with our new lease on life and a great anticipation for what God has for us in the future, the elder team has begun prayerfully considering whether or not we should seek to look for a permanent building for a church home. In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, the answer to that question has become more immediately clear.

On Sunday, October 4, Pastor Aaron stood up in front of the congregation and announced that we were going to start the long process of looking for a new home. In God’s providential (and somewhat comedic timing), two days later the school district notified us that they need to reinstate the use of the school for the 2016 – 2017 school year. Therefore, our lease will terminate as of June 1, 2016.

This means that we will need to find a new church home. Excited? Scared? Hopeful? All of the above? Welcome to the club.

We wanted to provide you with a thorough update so that you can be fully aware of the implications of this news and so you can join us in prayer as we trust God to help us navigate the adventure ahead as we seek to identify and procure a new home for our church family.

Possible Scenerios

Scenario A

We raise the money we need to cover a down payment, we secure financing, we locate a building, and we move straight from our current location into our new home all within the next seven months. We can call this the “Gideon scenario,” like in the book of Judges.The odds are so stacked against us, that if it happens we will all KNOW that it was God working on our behalf!

Scenario B

We raise the money we need to cover a down payment and we secure financing within the next seven months. However, we are not able to find a building we can buy.

In this scenario, we would work to identify a place to rent until we could find a permanent home. All the funds earmarked for the building fund would remain there until we found and purchased a permanent building.

Scenario C

We begin to raise the money we need to cover a down payment but we are not able to raise enough for a down payment within the next seven months.

In this scenario we would look for another location we could rent. We would continue to raise money for our down payment until we secure enough funds to purchase a building. As we are financially able, we would work to identify a property we could procure as our long term home.

Scenario D

We can’t find a suitable property or raise enough money in time, and we hold worship services 1st Century Christian-style: in a cave or a field.


We have been working over the past couple of months to begin the process of seeking out potential lenders. As a young church, it can be very challenging to obtain a loan from traditional lenders because they want to see two years of financial history. Therefore, we have engaged a loan broker who has extensive experience brokering loans churches. He has a number of sources that he can work with to obtain financing is confident that we will be able to identify some lending options.

Obtaining financing is only half of the equation. We will also have to save enough money for the initial down payment and any necessary renovations for any building we would purchase.

As a newly planted church, we are blessed to have an emergency fund of a few months operating expenses stashed away in savings. However, we have minimal resources to count towards the down payment of a new building. Therefore, we will need to raise approximately $1,000,000 for our down payment and possible building improvements (this is a very rough estimate based on a general understanding of the current market conditions and the type of facility we would need to procure to satisfy the needs of our church family).


We feel very strongly that we need to prayerfully and patiently wait for a building that can serve as a long term home for our church family, so we will not buy a building just for the sake of buying a building. If we can not identify a suitable building for purchase, we will look at leasing options. We are working with a commercial real estate broker who is committed to helping us identify a suitable home.

As you can imagine, there are a host of criteria that must be considered and juggled when trying to identify a suitable location. We are praying that God would lead us to find a permanent location that we could buy. But we must remain open to the possibility that we will need to rent until such time we are in a position to find and purchase a long-term home.

Our Ask

1. Pray

First of all, let’s celebrate all the ways God has richly blessed Sound City Bible Church!


  1. Ask God to help us find our next home, whether a purchase or rental
  2. Ask God to provide the necessary resources for us to buy a new home.
  3. Ask God what your part should be. We want people to be involved out of a worshipful response to what they see God doing in and through this church family. We do not want anyone giving under compulsion.

2. Give Generously

As a church, you have been so generous already, so thank you! We do want to ask you to consider if God is leading you to contribute to the purchase of a new home for Sound City Bible Church.  When giving to the building fund, we would encourage you to do so as an “above and beyond” donation separate from your regular tithe.

If you want to give to the building fund, please check the appropriate box on the “Give” envelopes available in service, or select the appropriate dropdown option for online giving. Any money designated to the building fund will be earmarked for that use and can not be used for general operating purposes.

This is a big endeavor! If and when all of this comes together, Jesus alone will get the credit because there is no way we could reach these God-sized goals on our own. Let’s pray, let’s give, but most of all, let’s trust Jesus with our future!