Church Health Survey

About the 2017 Church Health Survey

Even before Sound City Bible Church was launched, God gave us a passion to intentionally pursue being a healthy local church. Out of this passion, the Church Health Team was born, and this—our first annual Church Health Survey—is among the first fruits of this team.

If you call Sound City Bible Church home, then we’re inviting you to take the survey and give voice to your experience of your church. As an elder-led church, this survey is one of the ways we’re working hard to include your voice in helping Sound City to closely follow where God is leading us. In the survey, you’ll anonymously answer questions about your experience and understanding of who we are as a church. Your responses will help to inform the decisions of the elders and the other key leaders of the church. Our prayer is that, by God’s grace, through efforts like this, he would grow us in faithfulness to him year after year.

Thanks in advance for joining us in our efforts to increasingly grow as a biblically healthy local church!

Before Taking the Survey

You should understand a few things before taking the survey to help make the experience as easy and clear as possible:

1. Pick the Right Internet Browser. We tested the survey on both Mac and Windows platforms, and the survey seems to be least finicky when we used the default browser for the device and platform you’re using.

  • Apple (Mac, iPhone, or iPad): use Safari (neither Chrome nor Firefox work well)
  • Windows (computer or mobile device): use Edge browser or Internet Explorer
  • Android: we do not recommend taking the survey on an Android device as the survey does not work well with Chrome. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2. “Interpret” the Survey’s Language Correctly. For this year’s Church Health Survey, we’re using the Transformational Church Assessment, a survey that Lifeway has invested a lot of time and research in. Because this survey wasn’t written specifically for Sound City, you may see language in some of the questions that will require you to “interpret” a bit (e.g. it might say “Sunday School” and you’d need to interpret that as “Kids Ministry”). Don’t let this distract you, just do the best you can to apply the questions to our context.

3. Understanding “Anonymous”. The survey itself is anonymous in that no church leader will know who answered which question in one way or another. However, you will be need to provide some basic information at the beginning of the process so that a survey profile can be established for you. This will allow you to login and logout as you desire, in case you aren’t able to complete the survey all in one sitting. Collecting some basic information upfront also helps the survey identify each survey taker as a unique responder.

4. Complete the Survey ASAP. Please remember to complete the Church Health Survey as soon as possible so we can begin taking advantage of your feedback as soon as possible. The period set aside for completing the survey is Sunday, February 19—Sunday, March 5. Thanks in advance for helping us get all the surveys completed within this calendar window!

Steps for Taking the Church Health Survey

1. First Time Users. When you click HERE (or go to to take the Church Health Survey, the first thing you’ll do is look for the “First Time User:” box on the right-hand side of the screen, and there you’ll enter the code for Sound City Bible Church: 53uxtd6raq.

2. Registration. From there you’ll complete the registration information so the survey can (a) record that you are a unique survey taker, and so that (b) you can come back later to login again and finish the survey, should you choose not to complete the survey in a single sitting. *See also the note above on Understanding Anonymous.

3. Complete the Survey. Once you've registered, you’ll be able to click on the “Take Survey” link, and complete the survey. Please keep the important notes from the “Before Taking the Survey” section (above) in mind as you complete the survey.

4. Returning Users. Should you not complete the whole survey in one sitting, you can use the login credentials that you established during registration to log back into your survey and complete as you have time to do so.

On behalf of the Church Health Team and the Elder Team, thank you again for joining us in our efforts to increasingly grow as a biblically healthy local church! Should you have any questions concerning the steps above, or any difficulties in completing the survey, please email