A Report From Mexico

On Sunday, February 5, in our morning services, we had the chance to hear from members of the mission team who recently returned from Foundation for His Ministry in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. Foundation for His Ministry is a multi-faceted outreach ministry in the Baja peninsula that hosts a medical clinic, an orphanage, a school, a food distribution center, and many other invaluable resources for the community. 

Not only did the team get to serve in Christ's name in many practical ways, they also got to witness God's work in the lives of the people there at the mission.

Heather: Each day, we would wake up and start our day with breakfast. All the meals are served cafeteria style—everyone pitches in to prepare the food, set tables, and clean up afterwards. After breakfast, everyone at the mission meets in the Sala (large living room) for a time of singing, devotion, and prayer. Immediately after Sala, everyone goes to work for the day. The visitors are given any number of various jobs to work along side the local/full time staff as well as the other members of our team.

Gibson: We had different jobs each day, like working in the macadamia nut orchard, landscaping, working in the baby nursery, stuff like that. My favorite job was working on the garbage truck; it was my mom's least favorite job though. But I had to remind myself every morning that this was not for me, this was not a vacation, this was a time to serve others. So even if I didn't get to do my favorite job, I had to remember that it was still important.

Jim: Funny story, but I accidentally became a shoe repairman, a "zapatero." One of the men who lives and works at the mission had an issue with his shoe where the sole was coming detached. I simply mentioned to him that we should see if we could fix it. Before I even knew what was happening, people from the whole organization were bringing me their shoes to have them fixed. It sounds simple, but it's one of the ways that I was able to help serve the people who pour out their lives for the people in Mexico.

Kyle: This was my second trip down to the orphanage in Baja. On this trip I got to see familiar faces of children, staff, and volunteers. Throughout many conversations I continued to hear a similar thread of encouraging words from those who live at the mission full-time. Several people shared with Brittany and me about how much they appreciate visiting teams of missionaries like ours taking the time to come, pour out, and to breath life into them. They shared how encouraging this is to them. They said things like “it gives us the energy to keep going” and “you all are such a blessing to us and we are so grateful for your willingness to come and serve us”. God is doing amazing things through the people at the mission in Vicente Guerrero. It is such an encouragement and a joy to be able to build relationships with the children and adults at the mission and to serve the Lord in this capacity. 

Kelsie: The moment I got to the mission I knew that God was going to be working on me throughout the week. I love the people there so much; every person that I met got me so excited about being there! Every day was filled with new and exciting adventures, so much so that I thought, "Hey, I could live here forever." But God kept reminding me that there is so much that I could be doing in my own community. Yes, the mission is a wonderful place and is doing amazing things, and I hope to go back and serve again soon. But in the meantime, I plan to be a better servant to my church and community. Every time I think of the mission, I hope it will remind me of all the things I can be doing in my community right now.

Vicki: Since this was my second time going to Vicente Guerrero, I already knew some of the people that were also on this trip. It was like a family reunion. I so appreciate the connections and how we all just come together for the same reason, to serve those that live at the mission full time. By serving the people there at the mission, it makes me see that there are needs everywhere! Now that I have returned back to where I live full-time, I have a renewed sense of serving those God has placed in my life here. There is always something I can do.

If you are interested in learning more about international missions or future trips, email kyle@soundcitybiblechurch.com