Celebrating | God's Work Through Our First FPU Class

Back in February, we launched our first-ever discipleship class on the topic of financial stewardship. In this nine-week class, called Financial Peace University or FPU for short, the participants learned what the Bible has to teach us on topics ranging from: savings, tithing, managing debt, budgeting, mortgages, insurance, and more.

This week we're celebrating God's clear work in lives of the fourteen attending the class and their families, including the reduction of tens of thousands of dollars of debt, and 17 credit card accounts closed (across all participants)! And all this in edition to equipping class participants with solid biblical principles that will serve them well for a lifetime of bringing glory to God through the financial resources he's entrusted to their care.

Join us this week in prayer and thanksgiving for God's work in and through this class, and its participants. Additionally, as you pray, consider if God might desire that you to be part of of the next round of FPU, likely coming this Fall. If you'd like to be notified once we have details about the next FPU class offering, add your name to the list now at: scbc.do/fpu.