Celebrating | Foster Parent Dedications

Throughout the Bible, God invites us to love and care for widows and orphans. In our past sermon series, Gospel Justice in Suburbia, Pastor Aaron shared that one of the primary ways that Christians in the American suburbs can live out this biblical command is to get involved in the foster care system.

Today we are celebrating the first of hopefully many opportunities to pray over and dedicate new foster care families in our church who are currently fostering or are somewhere in the process of becoming licensed to do so.

This past Sunday, at both services, three Sound City families were presented before the church - Chris and Anna Weiford, Anders and Bryn Isaksen, and Josh and Claudia Saint Jacque. They each shared with us their hopes for what the Lord would do through them by opening both their hearts and homes to children in the foster care system. The elders then proceeded to lay hands on the families and pray over them as they continue on this Spirit-led journey.


"I felt very fortunate to be dedicated in the church this Sunday. To be known, to have our journey known, encourages us and helps us grow closer to the church as well," said Bryn. "Foster care will never go away; it doesn't end with the conclusion of a sermon series, so I deeply appreciate coming back to the topic again and again as a church ."

We are thankful for these families who are living out this calling, and for the many people at Sound City who are coming alongside them in love and support, who will bear one another's burdens, and will rejoice together in times of great gladness. Please join us in prayer as we celebrate our Savior, who is the "helper to the fatherless" (Psalm 10:14), for he is equipping these families for the work he has called them to (1 Thessalonians 5:24). We also celebrate and pray for the children who will be able to experience the gospel firsthand through the love that these foster families, and the Sound City Bible Church family, will share with them.


For many people, the idea of getting involved in foster care sounds daunting. So, in an effort to help people see how they might be able to contribute, we have put together a list of twelve ways that people can get involved in foster care or adoption. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, or would like additional information about serving foster children and/or foster families, please contact Covenant Member Danielle Martin by email at: danielle-martin@olivecrest.org