Celebrating | "Fragments of Truth" Discipleship Event

Today we're celebrating our discipleship-oriented 'field trip' to see the documentary film, "Fragments of Truth." This new original film follows Dr. Craig Evans as he travels the world, meeting with experts, and examining the earliest manuscript copies of the New Testament, and revealing that our faith in the reliability and trustworthiness of the Bible is very well founded.

Forty plus from Sound City Bible Church gathered on Tuesday evening with Pastor Shane at the Regal Alderwood 7 Theater—popcorn in hand—for this discipleship event. This week we're celebrating not only this unique opportunity for fellowship together and for learning about God's Word, but we're also celebrating the lengths that God has gone to preserve his Word for us, unchanged, for thousands of years. Oh, how he love us!

Join us in prayers of thanksgiving for all these participants learned at this event, and for how it both encourages our own faith, and equips us to better lovingly share about the integrity of our Scriptures and the God found within them before a doubting world.