Younger Students Sunday Focus | May 13–June 3

Hey Sound City families,

Each week our Younger Students class gathers to learn and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Over the next several weeks your child(ren) (4th and 5th grades) will be having a ton of fun as well as grappling with some tough topics and digging into what God's Word teaches about living in today's world. We are excited to help your children to better know, love, and live for Jesus. Below is a breakdown of where we are going over the next several weeks.

New Unit | Forgiveness - A Second Chance

Sunday, May 13

Grapple Question: How Many Second Chances Do I Give?

Kids Learn: Seventy Times Seven Forgiveness

Dig Into the Bible: Matthew 18:21-35; Luke 17:3-4; Colossians 3:13

Forgiveness doesn’t mean just saying “I forgive you” and holding on to the hurt and bitterness inside. It involves completely letting go of any resentment and not bringing the offense up again during a future argument. When we go to God and are sincerely sorry for something we have done wrong, God wipes our hearts clean. Find something this week that you can let your child “off the hook” for (without protecting your child from necessary consequences). When you see that your child is sincerely sorry, show God-style forgiveness and wipe the slate completely clean. 


Sunday, May 20

Grapple Question: What if Someone Doesn’t Ask for Forgiveness?

Kids Learn: Forgiving Others as God Forgives Us

Dig Into the Bible: Matthew 6:14-15; Luke 6:27-31; Ephesians 4:31-32

Have you ever felt really offended by something someone said and then didn’t have a chance to tell the person how hurt you felt? Or maybe you did talk about it, but the person wasn’t sorry. The Bible tells us that instead of hanging on to that anger, we should forgive, even if the person doesn’t ask for forgiveness. Easier said than done, huh? Talk to your child about a time you had to forgive someone who didn’t ask for it. How did that feel? Hard? Satisfying? Healing? Even though we don’t deserve it—and sometimes don’t ask for it—God still forgives us. 


Sunday, May 27

Grapple Question: What if Someone Won’t Forgive Me?

Kids Learn: Obedience and Being Responsible for Your Actions

Dig Into the Bible: 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 66:16-20; Proverbs 14:9; James 5:16

Nothing feels worse than apologizing for something and then not receiving forgiveness. Do this fun activity with your child: Find a die from a board game in your home. Have your child announce a direction (forward, left, or backward, for example), and then roll the die to see how many steps to take in that direction. Do this about five times and see where you end up! Point out that your child could control part of the activity—which direction to take—but not how quickly you got there. In the same way, you can ask for forgiveness, but you can’t control whether someone will forgive you or not.  


Sunday, June 3

Grapple Question: Do We Have to Be Friends Again?

Kids Learn: Forgiveness Doesn’t Always Mean Restoration

Dig Into the Bible: Proverbs 17:9; 22:24; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Galatians 6:1-2

Preteen relationships are a roller-coaster ride—the ups and downs can be confusing and heartbreaking. Kids sometimes expect that when they forgive each other, the relationship will be the same as it always was. Try this with your preteen: Rip a piece of paper in half. Then try to tape it back together. It’s not as good as new, is it? You can still tell that the rip happened. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that things will automatically be perfect. Remind your child that it’s important to try to put relationships back together with the tape of forgiveness, but the friendship might not be just the same as it was before.

Thank you for taking the time to review what your kids will be learning in church for the next several weeks. Our goal is to partner with you, the parents, in helping every child to know, love, and live for Jesus.

For God's glory,

The Kids Ministry Team