Younger Students Sunday Focus | January 6 - January 27

Hey Sound City families,

Each week our Younger Students class gathers to learn and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Over the next several weeks your child(ren) (4th and 5th grades) will be having a ton of fun as well as grappling with some tough topics and digging into what God's Word teaches about living in today's world. We are excited to help your children to better know, love, and live for Jesus. Below is a breakdown of where we are going over the next several weeks.

New Unit | Is Prayer Pointless?


Sunday, January 6

Grapple Question: What Takes God so long?

Kids Learn: Being Patient in Prayer

Dig Into the Bible: Psalms 40:1-3; 69:1-13; Proverbs 1:28-31; Daniel 10:10-13

Having to wait for something you want isn’t easy, especially for kids. When your child prays about something, he or she expects an answer right away. Share an experience you had when God asked you to wait for what you wanted. Hearing about a time that you were patient in prayer will help your eager preteen be patient while waiting for God’s timing. 



Sunday, January 13

Grapple Question: Do My Prayers Bore God?

Kids Learn: Persisting in Prayer

Dig Into the Bible: Matthew 7:7-11; Luke 18:1-7; Ephesians 6:18-20

How do you respond when your kids ask you over and over for the same thing? Does this sound familiar: “Stop asking—the answer is no!” You want to teach them to accept your decisions.

God sees things a little differently. The Bible actually instructs us to be persistent in asking God for what we want. Matthew 7:7 says, “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Keep this in mind as you think about things you might want to pray persistently for this week.




Sunday, January 20

Grapple Question: What if I Pray Really Hard, and God Says No?

Kids Learn: Accepting God’s Answers

Dig Into the Bible: 2 Samuel 12:15-23; Proverbs 15:29; Mark 14:32-36; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

It’s pretty disappointing for kids when they really want something, but they don’t get their way. (Hey, that’s still hard for most adults!) As a parent, you have to tell your kids no sometimes—especially if it’s for their physical or emotional safety. It might be tough when you see that your child is upset, but you know you’re looking out for his or her best interests.

God also has our best interests in mind. God can see the big picture and always makes the right decision that will help us grow in our faith. Share with your preteen a time that God didn’t answer a prayer the way you’d hoped—and how you grew from that experience.




Sunday, January 27

Grapple Question: What’s the Right Way to Pray?

Kids Learn: Practicing Prayer

Dig Into the Bible: Matthew 6:5-13

“Our Father in heaven...” Familiar words to almost everyone. But the Lord’s Prayer (found in Matthew 6) is more than just a few verses that are often recited in church—it’s a pattern that teaches us how to pray. This week, plan a family prayer time and use this format to help you pray:

Respect—start by praising and honoring God.

Request—ask God for things you need and want.

Repent—confess your sins and ask for forgiveness.

Encourage each member of your family to write these three words down so you can all remember the prayer pattern God teaches us.


Thank you for taking the time to review what your kids will be learning in church for the next several weeks. Our goal is to partner with you, the parents, in helping every child to know, love, and live for Jesus.

For God's glory,

The Kids Ministry Team