Celebrating | New Life in the Student Ministry

There are many things to love about our students, but one thing I particularly love is how courageous they are when it comes to inviting friends (specifically friends who don’t know Jesus) to join us on a Wednesday night. When a new student shows up, they get to participate in a loving, Christ-focused time that includes: free time, group games, singing, a gospel centered teaching, and small group time. In our small groups, students break out into groups by age and gender to discuss real life issues and challenges they may be facing. Student Ministry, like the rest of the church body, is a place where real people come together each week to encourage one another.

We are a family, a bunch of messy sinners who choose to pursue one another while chasing after Jesus.

Last fall, one of our students (a student who is always bringing others along on Wednesday nights) invited a friend. For this friend, church was a new environment. She was able to jump right in and was comfortable from the start. She began to share about her home life and the daily struggles she faces. Her first night at Student Ministry, she pulled out her tarot cards and began to share all she knew about spirituality. Through many grace-filled conversations she began to feel like a part of the family. She voiced how overwhelmed with love and encouragement she felt from the students and leaders alike.

Over the past year, we have seen first hand God working on her heart and just a few weeks ago she trusted Christ! During small group time, on her own, she asked if she could pray (even if she didn’t know how), and her sweet prayer brought tears to everyone’s eyes. She prayed that the Lord would lead her life, help her to know him more, and enable her share the love she was feeling from her Heavenly Father with the lost and hurting people around her. It was truly a work of the Holy Spirit!

Please join us as we give praise to Jesus for this amazing miracle of new life, and please keep our youth in your prayers. God is doing some amazing things through this next generation.