Celebrating | Student Ministry Ice Cream Party

Summer is winding down, but the celebrations are just beginning for our Student Ministry! What better way to jump back into our Wednesday night gathering routine than with a big ol’ party?

This week, our students kicked off the start of the new school year—and the start of our Wednesday night Student Ministry meetings—with a bang! Our friends from Cross & Crown Seattle joined us, for a total of 35 sugared-up students between our two churches. In addition to plenty of ice cream (and a hands-free ice cream eating contest), students also bobbed for apples, played a bunch of team games, and got to meet new friends. Sound City Student Ministry leader, Chris Vaughn, said “It was really encouraging to see the way students bonded, and how even kids who had never met before were playing games and getting along like old friends!”

We are thankful for the relationships built amongst our students, but also between the leaders at Sound City Bible Church and Cross & Crown. Please join us as we pray for all of the students who are starting back in school, for their hearts to be encouraged and their faith to be strengthened through continued ministry events and our weekly gatherings.

If you would like more information on our student ministry, or have a 6th-12th grader that would like to join us for one of our Wednesday night gatherings, please visit our Sound City Students page.