Celebrating | Student Ministry Leaders

Sound City Bible Church is truly blessed to have such an amazing group of leaders who faithfully love and serve our students. Join us in celebrating the team of leaders God has provided to help our students to know, love, and live for Jesus.

There are also a few exciting changes for this year. We are excited to announce that Chris Vaughn and Hope Greenlee have stepped up and taken on more leadership responsibilities over the Student Ministry. While Pastor Kyle and Brittany Hackett will still be involved and providing oversight to the ministry, you can expect to see Chris and Hope both more involved than previous years. We believe this is a huge blessing to our church and to the Student Ministry. We are excited to see what all the Lord has in store for this year!

Please see below for messages from Chris and Hope.

Chris Vaughn - Student Ministry Director

This year, I’m most excited to see how the Lord will move in our students’ lives to draw them each closer to himself. We’ve seen some really cool ways that the Lord has helped mold and shape our students in the past few years and I’m eager to see that continue! I’m also excited to step up in leadership in the student ministry because, in my new capacity, I’ll have more involvement in plotting the roadmap for the year and look forward to trying some new things as we continue in our endeavor to grow disciples!

Hope Greenlee - Student Ministry Coordinator

It is a delight to know and serve our students! We are excited to see the spirit taking them deeper in their understanding of the Gospel and how it practically applies to their freedom and purpose. Our students love to be discipled, and in response they are investing in their friends by growing in transparency and living out their faith. Our desire is for each student to know they are loved, that they are a part of God’s church and plan to build his kingdom.

In addition to Chris and Hope, this ministry is blessed by an amazing team of leaders. Make sure to give them a big hug and thank them for all they do to serve the Kingdom.

  • Rachel & Brandon Bradshaw

  • Hannah & Jonathan Colvin

  • Pete Wilson

  • Gini Retka

  • Rachel Poe