Celebrating | LHS Staff Appreciation & Outreach

Join us, friends, as we celebrate a lively and successful outreach event from Tuesday morning! Led by Pastor Kyle, this event focused on appreciating the teachers and staff at Lynnwood High School.

As the staff at LHS gathered today for last-minute preparations for their incoming students, fourteen volunteers from Sound City gathered at the school to serve up donuts, fruit, tasty treats, and encouragement. We also hired a mobile barista to make sure everyone was hydrated and caffeinated. The teachers and staff felt very encouraged and loved by us, as we thanked them for all they do for the youth and community. Pastor Kyle was also able to have a conversation with the Social Worker who is on staff with LHS, opening doors for other opportunities for Sound City to meet many practical needs right there at the school (for example, helping homeless families). 

We are thankful for the great turnout of volunteers and their service to both the church and the community. We are also thankful for receptive conversations and for God's grace in providing outreach opportunities like this Staff Appreciation event. Please be praying as we continue to seek ways to serve the Lynnwood High School community, as well as for all the teachers and students as they kick off another school year.