Weather Update #2

Due to the snow, we’ve been forced to re-think our options for worship this weekend. In the previous post, we let you know the decision of the Edmonds school district to close their facilities for the weekend. That means we can’t worship at Lynnwood High School tomorrow morning.

But, that does not mean we are out of options for worshipping on the Lord’s Day. As of tonight, forecasters are predicting no new snow (at least for a day or two). I have also been messaging with a member of our church who works for Snohomish County, and they are working hard to make sure the roads are plowed and safe. During the midday, when the temperature is warmer, the main streets aren’t too terrible. So, here are three options for you to consider.

First, stay at home and worship together with your family. If you missed it, I did a blog post on Thursday about what that could look like.

Second, head up to Foundation Church in Everett. Pastor Ryan, my largest Australian friend, texted me that they are still planning to gather at 10am for worship and that all of Sound City is invited to join.

Third, a group of us are planning to gather at the church offices at 11am for a small, family-style worship gathering. Pete is going to lead us in some singing, and we will pray, read through the upper room section in John (no sermon), and celebrate communion together. There will be no children’s ministry, and if enough people show up, we’ll be…cozy. But, that’s part of the fun of it!

If you do want to join us and you own a snow shovel, one area of need that we have is to clear out the snow in the parking lot. If some folks with shovels could show up early, that would be appreciated! We’ll make this the Sunday morning “Sound City Fitness Program” since we don’t have any heavy boxes to load into the school.

I love you, church family. Whatever decision you make regarding worship tomorrow, my prayer is that you would keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the hope of the gospel, and the joy of Christ-centered relationships.

In Christ, Pastor Aaron