Celebrating | Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University or “FPU” for short, is an opportunity to learn what the Bible has to teach about topics ranging from: savings, tithing, managing debt, budgeting, mortgages, insurance, and more. The Bible has a ton to say about money – how we can honor God, love others, and build a solid financial household in any stage of life.

Ashley Fuhrman, one of the leaders of the FPU group at Sound City shared, “This round of FPU was a huge success! All the students that started the class, finished strong. Together, they paid off over $74,000 of debt in nine weeks, while saving an additional $13,000 in cash. They used the biblical principles taught by Dave Ramsey to take several steps closer to financial peace.”

What exactly is peace?

In the Bible, peace isn’t only a lack of war or a sense of tranquility. God’s shalom is much broader, and closely tied to the idea of wholeness and well-being, of restoration. This sermon from guest preacher Matthias Haeusel explains biblical peace in detail. For a quick overview, this video from the Bible Project offers a short, visual guide.

Let’s thank God for the work he has done in the FPU group! Jesus offers us peace, because he himself, is our peace. He is our restoration and our hope! (Ephesians 2:14)