Celebrating | Lynnwood High School Staff & Teacher Appreciation

The day before classes began at Lynnwood High School, several volunteers from Sound City arrived at 6:30am. The church hired a coffee truck with Pilgrim Coffee and served breakfast to around 150 staff and teachers as a way to demonstrate Jesus’ love, our appreciation for them, and our commitment to pray for them this year.

The teachers and staff enjoyed the coffee, pastries, and fruit and expressed feeling encouraged by the gift. Back-to-school is an intense time for teachers, staff, parents, and students alike. Our local schools provide a large range of services to our diverse community, and the teachers and staff give enormously to educate the students.

Pastor Kyle shared with the volunteers, “I often think about the fact that our church family meets in this local high school every week to worship God, which is the same place where young people of all backgrounds gather every week throughout the school year. Many of the students have broken families, are homeless, or face other difficult situations. The teachers and staff have a lot they deal with and carry a big burden. Our aim with this breakfast is to be a light and bring some encouragement and hope to this local high school staff that we are, by God’s providence, connected to.”

Let’s thank God for the Appreciation Breakfast and let’s continue to pray for our local schools, those who work in them, and the families served by them.