Jesus, Our High Priest | Hebrews 5:1-6
Aaron Gray | December 13, 2015

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Leviticus 16 and the description of the Day of Atonement. What stands out to you? How do these strange (to us) rituals point to Jesus?
  2. What all does it mean that Christ’s priesthood is “forever?”
  3. What does it mean that we are a “kingdom of priests?” If all Christians are priests, what implications does that have for our lives?
  4. Where in your life have you been “ignorant” or “wayward?” How has Jesus dealt with you gently? Is there someone you need to deal with gently in their ignorance or waywardness? (Note: please do not give place to gossip.)

Prayer Points

  1. Give thanks that we as believers have direct access to God through Jesus!
  2. Pray that Jesus would help you see him as gentle even when you are ignorant or wayward.
  3. Pray for those who are not Christians, that they would draw near to God through Jesus.