Light of the World | John 8:12-20
Aaron Gray | April 15, 2018

At the end of the Feast of Booths, Jesus stands and declares himself to be the light of the world, taking yet another significant ritual from the festival and showing how it points to himself and his mission.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is light such an important theme, not just in John’s gospel but in the entire Bible?
  2. Read Exodus 13:21-22, 14:19-20, and 33:9-10. How does knowing the backstory and underlying themes help us to understand what Jesus is truly saying?
  3. How is Jesus the light of your life? How have you experienced his protection, presence, and guidance?
  4. In what ways is Jesus calling you to walk in the light? Do you need more of God’s Word in your life? Is there sin that needs to be confessed? Is there someone that you need to share the gospel with?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that Jesus would be our light. Pray that we would not seek salvation or guidance from anyone or anything above him.
  2. Pray that we would joyfully bear the light of Jesus to a dark and broken world.

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