Messy Redemption (Epilogue, part 2) | Judges 19:1 - 21:25
Aaron Gray | July 16, 2017

Discussion Questions

  1. What has stood out to you from our last few months of study in the Book of Judges? What key takeaways would God would have you remember for the future?
  2. Why do we often present ourselves in the best possible light and think of others in the worst possible light? Where does this happen in your life and what is God asking you to do about it?
  3. When do you find it hardest to trust that God is at work even in very broken situations?
  4. Jesus’ body was broken and his blood was shed to bring redemption to our brokenness. Where is there brokenness, mess, chaos, or sin in your life that needs the redemptive work of Jesus? Consider this question for yourself, and for those in your Community Group.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray, thanking God for his Word, even the messy parts, which showcase his redemptive work in us, even in the midst of our great brokenness.
  2. Pray for our friends, neighbors, and family members who don’t yet know Jesus to come to know his saving, healing, and redemption of their brokenness and sin.