Good News About Kids Ministry

This past Sunday at all three gatherings, we shared a Kids Ministry update with the church. There has been a lot of good news and many things to celebrate all year long really. The team has grown by 25% or more, and we’ve implemented many new processes that have been beneficial to the kids, parents, and the Kids Team in all sorts of ways. For example, we:

  • Implemented a new check-in system
  • Launched a brand-new curriculum across the board to help all our kiddos to know, love, and live increasingly for Jesus
  • Added a kids worship/music team to the Kids Ministry
  • Invested in a number of new leaders to help this growth be sustainable for the long haul
Our plan is to keep doing these things—and lots more—in the weeks and months to come.

Another bit of good news for the ministry and the church overall is that we’ve continued to serve a pretty large number of children each Sunday throughout the whole summer. Typically, the summer is a slower season for churches as families take time to take summer vacations. However, our numbers have stayed pretty constant throughout the summer. Also, we’ve seen new families showing up week after week as well! What all that means is that as we enter the fall and families get back into their school-year rhythms, we’re expecting to see 30% more kids participating in our 9am and 11am Kids Ministry—maybe even more.

Growth Means Opportunity!

God has been very faithful to us in bringing just enough volunteers to the team so that we have rarely had to turn folks away. That’s good. However, as it stands today, there are still classrooms we can’t open because we don’t have enough volunteer team members to open those extra classrooms. And all this is before we hit the fall and experience that growth swell I mentioned. The bottom line is that now more than ever the kiddos of Sound City Bible church need your help!

In the chart below you’ll see what the needs are presently, and what the needs will be once we hit the fall. As you consider where you’re currently serving (or not), I’d let me encourage you to prayerfully consider making an investment in the children of our church. A monthly commitment would be great, and would mean only about 1.5 hours a month of your time. A bi-weekly commitment would be greater still, and equates to only about 3-5 hours a month depending on the month. A weekly commitment would be simply amazing, and would require only about 1.5 hours of your time each week. Even with a weekly commitment, you could serve at one service then attend another service to worship and learn.

If you’d like to help us tackle this opportunity to see more and more kids grow in knowing, loving, and living for Jesus, please fill out this form to begin the Kids Ministry application process. Once you submit it we’ll follow up with you shortly and work out all the details with you.

Sound City Bible Church, I am excited for the future because I can’t wait to see what God will do in the lives of our youngest disciples for years to come.