Kids Ministry - Sunday Focus | 6/3–7/1

Hey Sound City families,

Each week our Kids Ministry gathers to learn and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Over the next several weeks your child(ren) (3rd grade and younger) will be having a ton of fun as they learn from God's Word how to better know, love, and live for Jesus. Below is a breakdown of where we are going over the next five weeks.


Session 1 | June 3rd, 2018

“The Plan to Stop Paul” (Acts 23)

  • When others threatened his life, Paul obeyed Jesus. We can share the gospel with courage because God is with us.
  • God protected Paul so he could preach about Jesus. God planned for Paul to preach to kings and rulers.

Session 2 | June 10th, 2018

“Paul Before Rulers” (Acts 24:22-27; 25:1-14; 26:24-32)

  • Paul met with people again and again to tell about Jesus. Paul did whatever it took to share the gospel.
  • Paul preached about Jesus to governors and kings. He wanted everyone to believe that Jesus is Lord.

Session 3 | June 17th, 2018

“The Shipwreck” (Acts 27:13-44; 28:11-16)

  • Paul told the sailors to trust and obey God. God calls us to trust in His Son, Jesus, who died to rescue us from sin.
  • God protected Paul in the shipwreck so he could stand before Caesar. Paul trusted God to rescue them from the storm.

Session 4 | June 24th, 2018

“Paul’s Joy in Prison” (Philippians 1:12-30)

  • Paul knew that because Jesus suffered to bring salvation to the world, believers doing God’s work would suffer too.
  • God used Paul’s hard circumstances to spread the gospel and grow the church. Paul told the Philippians to be joyful.

Session 5 | July 1st, 2018

“Paul Made Much of Jesus” (Colossians 1:15–2:3)

  • Paul encouraged believers by reminding them that Jesus is great. The gospel is true, and Jesus is all we need.
  • Paul reminded believers that Jesus is God’s Son who died on the cross to rescue us from sin.


Big Picture Question: When should we tell others about Jesus?

We should tell others about Jesus all the time, even when it is difficult.

Key Passage:

Help your child review and memorize this units key passage:

Philippians 1:20-21 “My eager expectation and hope is that ... Christ will be highly honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Thank you for taking the time to review what your kids will be learning in church for the next several weeks. Our goal is to partner with you, the parents, in helping every child to know, love, and live for Jesus.

For God's glory,

The Kids Ministry Team