Kids Ministry Update

Hello Sound City Families!

We are eager to share with you some ministry celebrations and exciting changes happening in Sound City Kids Ministry this fall.


God has richly blessed the Sound City Kids Ministry and we have much to celebrate! The ministry has grown in numerous ways over the last few years, including our average attendance number — which is now upwards of 130 kids per week. Our leadership team has also grown, as has the number of amazing, faithful, servant-hearted team members. But it’s not just been “the numbers” that are growing, it’s been a great joy to watch the kids growing spiritually as well. It’s seldom a month goes by that we don’t receive at least a handful stories from parents and team members alike about how much Scripture a child is learning, or how what they’re learning is showing up at home and in other areas of life as well. It’s been a great evidence of God’s grace to us to watch the kids of Sound City continually grow in knowing, loving, and living for Jesus.


As excited as we are about how the ministry has grown, this growth brings with it the need to continuously evaluate the ministry and to make changes as necessary. In fact, that’s a big part of why this post was written, to keep you informed about a new and exciting change in Kids Ministry, coming this fall. Beginning Sunday, September 3rd, we will begin operating under a grade-based system for our school-age classrooms instead of our current age-based system.

With this new system, school-age children will be checked into classrooms according to their current grade in school, whereas children age 3 and under will continue to enjoy Kids Ministry in classrooms that fit their age and developmental stage. With these changes in mind, the new classroom structure will be as follows:

There are many benefits to the grade-based system. The benefit that we are most excited about is that it will provide greater consistency for the children, allowing them to grow in their relationships with other children and the Kids Ministry team members throughout the entire school year — which will foster a better learning environment overall, as well. This also makes classroom sizes more stable throughout the year, which is a big help to the team and to scheduling (since kids won’t be “aging out” or moving into new classrooms every time there’s a birthday).


In addition to the grade-based classroom changes described above, we’ll also be launching a new classroom this fall, which will also be happening on September 3. This new classroom, especially for our four-year-olds, will be the result of us separating one of our most full classes (i.e. our 3s & 4s class) into two separate, more developmentally-specific classes. In addition to being more developmentally appropriate for the kids, the smaller classroom sizes will foster an overall improved class environment as well — leading to easier classroom management, better relationships between the kids, better relationships between the teachers and the kids, and greater opportunity for kids to participate in all classroom activities.


We’re really excited about the changes described above, and how they will help the Kids Ministry to better love and serve the kids, parents, and the Kids Team members themselves. Yet, with the growing number of children in our Kids Ministry, and these planned ministry improvements comes growing pains as well — most specifically the increasing need for everyone to play their part in making the Kids Ministry a success.

We want to invite you to join this amazing team and be a part of all that God is doing to help kids to know, love, and live for Jesus. In order to fill these needs, we are looking for more servants in all areas, including Teachers, Classroom Assistants and Service Lead Assistants, also known as Runners. You don’t have to know anything about Kids Ministry to get started, and you don’t even have to serve every week (even once or twice a month is a HUGE help to the ministry). If you feel God stirring in your heart to join in on the great work God is doing in the hearts and lives of the kids of Sound City, the process is easy. You can let us know by completing the Kids Ministry application at


Finally, we want to encourage you to mark your calendars for some important dates associated with the changes highlighted above.

Graduation Day | Sunday, August 27: Graduation Day is the last day the kids will be in their current classrooms. We will celebrate this with the kids on this day, with balloons, encouragement to the kids for their accomplishment, special treats, etc.

Promotion Day | Sunday, September 3: The week after Graduation Day is Promotion Day, the day most school-age kids will “promote” up to their new grade-based classrooms. You may want to try and arrive a little early on Promotion Day, so that you can find your child’s new classroom, and meet their new teachers and classroom assistants.

Thanks for taking the time to read about these, and for partnering with us in making them a success (and for considering if God might have a plan for you to join the team and help out once or twice a month..hint hint — It’s truly a joy and an honor to love and serve your families through the Kids Ministry of Sound City Bible Church. Please join us in praying for God’s continued work in and through this ministry, and for all the team members that make all we do possible. We’ll see you Sunday!  

For God’s glory,

Samantha Eller | Kids Ministry Coordinator

Kyle Hackett | Students & Kids Ministries