The Divine Messiah and His Foreign Queen | Psalm 45
James Rayment | July 1, 2018

In week 1 of our series, we saw that the Psalms point us to Jesus and the gospel of grace. In Psalm 45, this is on full display, as we meet a divine king who is taking for himself a bride from the nations.

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Discussion Questions

  1. How does it encourage you to know that the Divine King has chosen us as his bride? What does it mean personally to you to be loved by Jesus?
  2. Which aspects of your life are you tempted to place as more important than Jesus? What would it look like to walk out repentance and change in these areas?
  3. This psalm was written many centuries before Jesus was born. How does it encourage you to see the unity of the scriptures, both before Jesus and after?
  4. This message of the gospel is for “all nations.” Who has God placed in your life that you need to share with? How do you need to grow in your ability to share?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we as disciples would grow in our ability to see Jesus in all of scripture.
  2. Pray for that God would use Sound City to help this gospel message go out to all nations.