The Holy Spirit | John 16:6-15
Aaron Gray | February 3, 2019

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Discussion Questions

  1. When it comes to the Holy Spirit, where do you experience confusion or fear or other emotions like that? What experiences may have led to those emotions?

  2. Discuss the word paraclete. When you consider the various ways that it can be translated (helper, comforter, advocate), how does this help you understand the Spirit and his role in our lives?

  3. How is the ascension of Jesus very good news? How does it sometimes get diminished or ignored in our thinking about the gospel?

  4. How is Jesus inviting you into a deeper experience of himself through a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit? What steps of obedience do you need to take?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we would be a church that walks closely with the Holy Spirit for all that he is: comforter, advocate, the one who convicts us of sin, and the one who draws us closer to Jesus.

  2. Pray that the Spirit would lead us and help us to “glorify Jesus” to those in the world who don’t yet know him.

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