True Worship | John 4:19-42
Aaron Gray | November 26, 2017

Discussion Questions

  1. “Mission exists because worship does not.” How do you feel, having been invited into Jesus’ mission? How does the idea of God’s glory help us keep focused on mission?
  2. We need both the “rule of faith” and the “rule of love” in our lives. Which one would you be prone to neglect and why? How is God growing you in both?
  3. How would you rate your own sense of gospel urgency? Is there priority, transparency, and joy in your life when it comes to sharing the gospel?
  4. How might God want to grow our church collectively in our gospel heart, gospel content, and gospel urgency, so that we can see more gospel response?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we would be a people of joyful mission, prioritizing the sharing of the good news of Jesus with the world around us.
  2. Pray that our pursuit of mission would be focused on God’s glory, not our own.

For Further Study