Washed By Jesus | John 13:1-20
Aaron Gray | November 18, 2018

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Discussion Questions

  1. Who are the people in your life who have lowered themselves to serve you? How have they modeled Christ-like love and service to you?

  2. Why is the theme of clean/unclean such a big deal in the Bible, particularly the Torah? Read Galatians 3:24 and discuss why God put these statutes in place.

  3. Where in your life have you felt dirty? Where do you need to be reminded that your fundamental position before God is clean?

  4. Where is God asking you to humble yourself and serve others? What barriers are there in your own heart that keep you from obeying his call?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for yourself and anybody else who needs to experience the cleansing effects of the gospel. Pray that they would more deeply believe the truth and live in Christ’s cleansing love.

  2. Pray that you would grow in your ability to lay down your pride, your time, and your resources to love and serve others the way that Jesus has served us.