Week 1 | Our Father In Heaven

Aaron Gray | August 2, 2015

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is prayer so important in the life of a Christian?
  2. What are the areas in your prayer life where you struggle?
  3. How does the phrase “our Father in heaven” embody the gospel message?
  4. How do you personally experience God as Father? How can you grow in that experience?
  5. What are distortions or roadblocks you may have to viewing and experiencing God as a gracious and loving Father?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that all of us as Christians would experience God as Father in a deeper and more meaningful way.
  2. Pray that the gospel would shape all that we think, say and do as a church.
  3. Pray that many non-Christians would come to know God as Father through us as individual disciples and as a church.
  4. Pray for specific friends and family who do not yet know God as Father or Jesus as Savior.

Heidelberg Catechism

  • Q120. Why has Christ commanded us to address God thus: “Our Father”?
  • A. That immediately, in the very beginning of our prayer, he might excite in us a childlike reverence for, and confidence in God, which are the foundation of our prayer: namely, that God is become our Father in Christ, and will much less deny us what we ask of him in true faith, than our parents will refuse us earthly things.
  • Q121. Why is it here added, “Which art in heaven”?
  • A. Lest we should form any earthly conceptions of God’s heavenly majesty, and that we may expect from his almighty power all things necessary for soul and body.

For Further Reading & Study

  • Alone With God by John MacArthur, ch. 3
  • The Prayer of the Lord by R.C. Sproul, ch. 2
  • Growing in Christ by J.I. Packer, part 3,  ch. 3 & 4
  • The Lord and His Prayer by N.T. Wright, ch. 1