As a church, we recognize that God’s plan goes far beyond the work happening within our own walls and in the lives of our people. We also recognize that God has been exceedingly gracious to us and we feel it’s a tremendous honor and calling to be generous with others. Consequently, it’s our joy to support other like-minded ministries, both near and far — especially those that can serve as an extension of the ministries of Sound City Bible Church.

Regular ministry partners

The following are ministry partners we support on a monthly basis.

Sojourn Network

The goal of the Sojourn Network is to help pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches. The Sojourn Network consists of experienced pastors and leaders that help train, coach, and care for other leaders within the network. Leaders within the network have been graciously reaching out to the elders here since we first re-planted as Sound City. They have encouraged us, supported us, and given counsel on a number of occasions despite the fact we were not yet a part of their network. Through our experiences we have seen a deep alignment between the elders of Sound City and the Sojourn Network in terms of our theology, ministry philosophy, and values. In addition, we are a church that wants to leave a legacy of helping to plant other churches to expand the kingdom of God, and a significant portion of our financial support donated to the network goes to support that very thing. For all these reasons, we are very excited to now be part of the Sojourn Network.

Redemption Spokane

Redemption Spokane was previously Mars Hill Spokane. They were in their core group phase and preparing to launch when Mars Hill closed. Under the leadership of Pastor Miles Rohde, they decided to trust God for provision and to plant as Redemption Spokane. We have been honored to support them and rejoice in the great work God is doing to establish this church.

The work of redemption is at the heart of the story of God, whereby in Jesus Christ, our redemption has been paid and secured. Redemption Spokane is located in the heart of the city of Spokane, and where we believe and trust that the message of the ongoing redemptive work of Jesus will go forth from our church to impact our city and the Inland Northwest. It is the continuing work of redemption in our lives that enables us to make disciples of Jesus, raise them up in Jesus, and send them forth for Jesus.
— Pastor Miles Rohde

Cross & Crown Church of Orange

Pastor Matt Wallace has been a friend to a number of people at Sound City Bible Church for many years. He was Lead Pastor at Mars Hill Orange County and in 2015 he began gathering a core group to launch Cross & Crown of Orange. We provide monthly support to this church plant and rejoice to see this young vibrant church body beginning to take root down in Orange County, California.

Polis Recovery Project

The ministry partner that has had the most direct impact on the people of Sound City has most definitely been Chris Ball at the Polis Recovery Project. Counselor Chris runs a counseling practice that is focused on supporting local churches by providing biblical counseling that exceeds the capacity of what the pastoral team can offer. Whenever possible, Chris counsels his clients in cooperation with the pastors and other leaders within the churches that he works with, thereby offering a holistic approach that keeps the local church at the center of God’s care for his people. Chris’ counseling practice is also unique in that it is a ministry first and foremost, and charges clients based on a sliding/suggested donation scale. Chris has become a trusted friend and valued resource to the pastoral team at Sound City and to many of our congregation who have been blessed by him through their personal counseling sessions.

James Rayment with CRU

Not only is James Rayment one of the funniest English men living in Seattle, but he is also a passionate evangelist. James works with CRU, a global ministry, on the University of Washington campus. He builds relationships with students and staff to create opportunities to share the gospel of God’s redeeming grace and to disciple those who meet Jesus. He is a leader and elder-in-training at Downtown Cornerstone Church in the Belltown district, and desires to plant a church in England at some point in the future.

Other ministry partners

In addition to our regular ministry partners that we support on a monthly basis, we have a other ministry partners that we support less frequently, on special occasions or when other unique ministry opportunities present themselves.

Vision House

Vision House is a local Christ-centered ministry whose purpose is to build hope and restore lives. They provide a number of resources that help homeless moms and homeless families get back on their feet. We have had a long running relationship with Vision House. People from Sound City have helped by donating time and resources ranging from gift cards at Christmas through their Angel Tree ministry, to the work our own Bob Sime did to oversee the construction of their facility in Shoreline. They have a powerful ministry that’s having a significant impact in our region. They are addressing key needs that we as a local church are not equipped to address, and we are excited to support their efforts.

Foundation For His Ministry

Foundation for His Ministry is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization with over 150 volunteer missionary staff that has served the poorest of the poor in Mexico for almost fifty years. Their mission is to make disciples of Jesus through rescuing children, restoring the needy, and reaching the lost. The first Time Pastor Doug shared about his regular mission trips to Mexico with FFHM, Pastor Aaron replied, “my first mission trip was to that same mission when I was in high school.” Pastor Aaron poured the concrete in the building that now serves as their clinic! We have had a number of people from Sound City venture down to their mission in Vicente Guerrero over the years. And starting in 2017 we will be sending organized groups there to serve on short-term mission trips. In addition to sending people to serve and be part of the incredible work God is doing through this mission in Mexico, we provid financial gifts to support the work of the ministry there, from time to time as appropriate opportunities present themselves.


Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health (RREACH) is a unique ministry run by Dr. Ramesh Richard, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. Pastor Shane studied under Dr. Richard and Pastor Travis worked as Dr. Richard’s personal assistant after graduating college. Travis has traveled around the globe with Dr. Richard, witnessing first hand the rich impact God is having through the equipping and training of pastoral leaders in countries where training and support are scarce or nonexistent. RREACH accelerates their global impact by the wise use and mix of personal proclamation, media outreach, and ministry training to evangelize opinion leaders, strengthen pastoral leaders, and reach large numbers of individuals, especially of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Sound City partners with RREACH by financially supporting some of their pastoral training events.

A decision-making grid

In considering potential partners, our desire is to find an appropriate balance between local, regional, national, and international partners. For local partnerships, emphasis is placed on parachurch ministries that complement the mission, beliefs, and values of SCBC and that address areas that are not core strengths for us. For international partnerships, priority is given to support indigenous people and ministries, and to establish long-term partnerships with ministries that would allow us the ability to send teams from Sound City to serve, support, and learn from our mission partners. In considering potential partners, our desire is to support a balanced variety of like-minded ministries including church plants, church planters, pastoral training/support networks, and local ministries.

Requirements for potential ministry partners

  • Our regular ministry partners have some level of relationship with at least two elders, and an endorsement to support the potential ministry partner by a majority of the elders.
  • Sufficient alignment of mission, values, and core beliefs will exist between Sound City Bible church and all ministry partners and/or their organizations.
  • As appropriate, potential ministry partners should be operating under the authority of a governing body of some sort for the purposes of accountability, oversight, and support.

Other things to note

  • Financial support is typically offered for commitments lasting one year at a time. Commitments in subsequent years are considered in light of the partner’s ongoing progress in pursuit of stated ministry goals.
  • Sound City Bible Church does not offer formal ministry partnership and support for individuals’ short-term mission trips.