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In the days when the judges ruled…   — Ruth 1:1

The book of Ruth is the story of one family's faithfulness to God during a very dark time in Israel's history. While the book of Judges presents a very bleak picture, the book of Ruth shows us that there is hope! As battles are raging and people are turning away from God, there is (at least) one family in Israel who remains faithful to God through many challenges. In fact, the book of Ruth tells us the story of the ancestors of King David, the greatest king that Israel had ever known. Even though there was no king during the period of the judges, God was sovereignly orchestrating things behind the scenes to provide for his people.

Read this blog post to get an introduction to the book of Ruth and to understand why we've chosen to study this important Old Testament book. And watch the helpful video below from The Bible Project to get a understanding of the themes and structure of Ruth.

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Sermon resources

1. Faithfulness and Friendship | Ruth 1
Aaron Gray | May 7, 2017

2. Protection and Provision | Ruth 2
Aaron Gray | May 14, 2017

3. Romance and Relationship | Ruth 3
Aaron Gray | May 21, 2017

4. Redemption and Restoration | Ruth 4
Doug Freyberg | May 28, 2017