United With Christ: In His Kingdom | John 12:12-26
Aaron Gray | March 20, 2016

Discussion Questions

  1. Why does the whole story of scripture (e.g. the story of Israel’s kings) matter to us today as 21st century Christians?
  2. Why is Jesus so surprising? What about his kingdom continues to surprise you?
  3. “The cross is Jesus’ enthronement ceremony.” Discuss this idea. What implications does this have for our lives, our families, our communities, and our church?
  4. Where in your life are you tempted to pledge allegiance to someone or something more than King Jesus?
  5. How can we as individuals and as a group more passionately live out Jesus’ kingdom values?

Prayer Points

  1. Spend time in prayer simply praising King Jesus for who he is and what he has done.
  2. Pray for those who don’t follow Jesus to come into his kingdom through us living out Jesus’ kingdom values.