It’s Hard To Engage in Politics | Acts 17:1-9
Aaron Gray | September 2, 2018

We live in a society that is increasingly polarized around political lines. How are we, as followers of Jesus, to engage in politics? How do we confront the principalities and powers of the day while remembering that our ultimate allegiance is to King Jesus?

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Discussion Questions

  1. Where are you tempted to separate from fellow believers who have different political leanings than you do? How can we help each other keep the gospel at the center of our unity?

  2. Where are you afraid to talk about the political implications of the gospel? Who has God put in your life to help you have these conversations, as challenging as they may be?

  3. Think about the various regimes that the people of God have been ruled by over the past few millennia. How does this give us peace in the middle of a tense political climate?

  4. How can we avoid the dual errors of political retreat and political conquest as we seek to live out Kingdom values in this world?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that Jesus would return soon and establish the permanent Kingdom of God for all eternity.

  2. Pray that our political beliefs and actions would never inhibit our ability to share the gospel with an unbelieving world.

Action Step

  • Take time this week to talk with a fellow Christian who has opposite political leanings than you do. Why do they vote the way they do? What are the underlying beliefs and convictions that shape their political engagement?

For Further Study