Walking in Truth and Love | 2 John
Shane Patrick | June 21, 2015

Discussion Questions

  1. Consider and discuss with your group the ways you go about making the decisions you make every day. Are there categories of decisions in your life that remain untouched by the filter of the gospel? Discuss with your group some ways you might ensure that your increasingly making more and more Spirit-led decisions each day.
  2. Talk about the differences between how you typically think about love, and the way we saw loved defined in the Scriptures today. Does this change the way you view any of your relationships? If so, share how with your group.
  3. Consider John’s warnings to the deceivers described throughout John’s letters that we discussed today. In light of that, consider if God would have you make any changes to the way you approach your relationships with non-Christians? Share your thoughts on this with your group.
  4. Reflect on today’s message, and then share with your group the most impactful thing God placed on your heart during our time today, and what he’s asking you to do about it.