Dave Harvey is the Executive Director of the Sojourn Network and also the Teaching Pastor of Summit Church in Florida. Dave is a long standing friend of Sound City and we are excited to have him here teaching us.

Gospel Fluency | Acts 17:16-34
Dave Harvey | September 24, 2017

Discussion Questions

  1. Is there anyone in your life who you’ve been ambivalent towards that God would have you share the gospel with?
  2. How can we move from reacting to culture to engaging culture?
  3. Have you ever been tempted to water down the gospel? Why?
  4. How will you practice gospel fluency after today?
  5. What are the idols in our society that we may need to engage when sharing the gospel?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that God would make us gospel fluent as a church family, and that we would always be ready to share the gospel in culturally relevant ways.
  2. Pray by name for those in your life to whom God wants you to share the gospel.