Arrival | Luke 2:22-38
Aaron Gray | December 24, 2016

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think that we don’t often hear the story of Simeon and Anna included in many of our Christmas traditions? Why is this story included in the bible? What is it there to teach us?
  2. When you consider your reactions to Jesus, which do you desire to grow in: awe and wonder, faithfulness, praise, or sharing with others?
  3. “You can’t celebrate the birth of Jesus without also looking to his death and resurrection.” How is this truth challenging to you? How is it encouraging? How does it shape your faith?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray and thank God for the amazing gift that God gave us in Jesus.
  2. Pray that we would be people who are marked by the wonder of Mary and Joseph, the faithfulness of Simeon, and the evangelism of Anna.