Peace | Isaiah 9:6-7
Shane Patrick | December 4, 2016

Discussion Questions

  1. What elements of the bigger and fuller biblical definition of peace we discussed today were a surprise to you, and why? How is a richer understanding of biblical peace a personal encouragement to you? 
  2. What difference does it make that God himself is our standard & model for understanding and experiencing biblical peace?
  3. Before today, to what degree had you realized that as Christians we are literally called to peace? How well do you feel you’re doing in seeking to live out that part of your Christian calling? What next steps would God have you take in living out your calling to peace?
  4. Which particular passage or strategy related to our pursuit of biblical peace was most convicting to you, and why? And how would God have you respond?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we would all grow in our experience of biblical peace. Pray that our growing experience of peace would be a winsome and attractional reminder of the God of peace, to those in our lives who do not know Jesus in a saving way.
  2. Pray we would pursue our Christian calling to peace, and that we would fight for harmony, forgiveness, and genuine Spirit-led peace in all our relationships.