Everlasting Joy in God’s Presence | Psalm 16
Joel Brown | August 12, 2018

As humans, we are made for joy. But in our fallenness, we often seek joy in the wrong places. The truth of Psalm 16 is this: God’s presence is the only place where everlasting joy is found.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Look through Psalm 16. What has the Lord done for David? What is David’s attitude toward the Lord?
  2. Has there ever been a time in your life where you were especially aware of God’s presence? How has that situation affected you through times where you felt he was distant?

  3. How is your relationship with the Lord going? Are you currently seeking God's presence or running after other gods? What would those who know you best say?

Prayer Points

  1. Take time to thank the Lord for the joy he has prepared for us in his kingdom and for providing salvation through Jesus, our living Savior (v.9-11).
  2. Pray that Christ would help you to experience so much joy that it would be attractive and drawing to those in your life who have not yet trusted in Jesus.