Widows and Orphans | James 1:22-27
Aaron Gray | November 6, 2016

Discussion Questions

  1. How does James call us to act both vertically (toward God) and horizontally (toward others)?
  2. How does care for orphans and widows directly reflect the nature of the gospel?
  3. Why does James specifically speak of orphans and widows “in their affliction?” What is God calling you to do about this?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that God would open up opportunities for Sound City to love and serve these vulnerable people.
  2. Pray that non-Christians would see God’s love and care reflected in our lives and that they would be drawn to the gospel as a result.

Action Steps

  1. Get involved in foster care support.
  2. Attend the Foster Care Interest Meeting, Sunday 11/13/16 during the 11am service.
  3. Serve at a retirement community in your neighborhood.
  4. Talk with your community group about any Local Mission Initiatives that you want to engage in together.

For Further Study

  1. Up to date statistics on foster care
  2. Jason Johnson blog on foster care