The Undefeatable Love of God | Romans 8:37-39
Wayne Taylor | July 26, 2015

Discussion Questions

  1. What in the sermon confused/convicted/encouraged you?
  2. In vs. 37, what does “all these things” refer to?
  3. What is the difference between being a conqueror and “more than a conqeror?” Why does that distinction matter? How does it make a difference in your life practically?
  4. What do you struggle with believing can separate you from the love of God?
  5. Are there specific circumstances or situations that make this struggle more difficult?
  6. When are the times that you feel the most distant from God’s love?
  7. In vs. 39, how do we know the love of God? How have we received it? How do we know that we will not be separated from God’s love?