Jephthah's Rise | Judges 10:6-11:28
Shane Patrick | April 23, 2017

Discussion Questions

  1. In considering this sixth time in Judges that God’s people have fallen into idolatry and other evils, what is your initial response to their ongoing pattern of sin? Do you find yourself more frustrated with them or more full of grace for them? What does your response say about your own relationship with God?
  2. In what ways is it encouraging to you to realize that God’s quiet sovereignty is at work in ALL things, even in the ordinary and mundane details of life? 
  3. How does it change your perspective on your relationship with God, and on your life in general, to know that God’s choosing, acceptance, and using of any one of us is not dependent upon our performance or any other human criteria?
  4. What is your response to the reminder of our dependence upon God’s truth? In what ways is God prompting you to grow and take action in this area?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that as a church and individually we would all grow in our experience of God’s grace, our dependence upon his sovereignty, and our knowledge of his truth. 
  2. Pray that God would give you opportunities to talk with non-Christians in your life about God’s grace and forgiveness to us in Christ, and the trustworthy truth of God’s Word.