The Call of Gideon | Judges 6:1-24
Aaron Gray | February 19, 2017

Discussion Questions

  1. How have other people’s words shaped who you are, either for good or for harm?
  2. “God’s Word is our greatest need.” Do you see this as true? Why or why not? What other things might you be tempted to rely upon more?
  3. How is Jesus the ultimate Word of God—not just communication but power and life?
  4. Where is God calling you to serve but you struggle to trust him? Where are you trusting in your own strength and abilities instead of the power of his Word?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we would believe what God says about us more than we believe our feelings or circumstances.
  2. Pray that God would use each of us to communicate the truth of his Word to those who don’t yet know Jesus.