Jesus Wept | John 11:28-37
Aaron Gray | September 23, 2018

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Discussion Questions

  1. Our hearts often want to move away from people who are experiencing suffering. How can we learn to move toward them in love and compassion?

  2. Why was Jesus “deeply moved” (angry) and "greatly troubled" (disturbed)? What does this show us about God’s attitude towards death and suffering in the world?

  3. What current areas of pain or suffering do you need to invite Jesus into? How can you experience his comfort in an individual way?

  4. Many people aren’t open to God until they go through a period of hardship or suffering. How can you be ready to love and serve your non-Christian friends when they inevitably go through suffering?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for those who are suffering to experience the comfort of Jesus, even as we await his return and the final defeat of all evil and suffering.

  2. Pray for opportunities to show Christ’s love, compassion, and care to people who don’t know him.