Ask And Receive | John 16:21-28
Aaron Gray | March 17, 2019

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Discussion Questions

  1. Where do you experience a wrong mindset when it comes to prayer? How can others in your life help you remember the relational foundation of prayer?

  2. Have you experienced disappointments in prayer, or what has felt like unanswered prayer? How can others help you bring those disappointments to God?

  3. How can we lean into the tension between asking Jesus for “anything/whatever,” while understanding that Jesus wants our prayers to be shaped by his glory and character?

  4. How are our prayers connected to mission, evangelism, and service? How does Jesus want to use your prayers to see his kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven?

Prayer Points

  1. As you pray this week, focus on the relational foundation of prayer. Rather than starting with a list of requests, begin with praises, with language of abiding, and thankfulness for the gospel.

  2. Pray missional prayers, and thank God that he is working and doing things even while we sit and pray.