Jesus Walks on Water | John 6:16-25
Aaron Gray | February 18, 2018

Discussion Questions

  1. As you consider John 6 (and also Mark 6:30–52, Matthew 14:13–33), why is it important that Jesus is intentionally connecting himself to the Passover in Exodus 12–14?
  2. Share your current fears and worries with those in your community group. What are those fears rooted in? Why do you think these specific fears grab your heart?
  3. How is the gospel of Jesus our only hope for freedom from the controlling effects of fear?
  4. Is the Jesus you follow and worship supernatural, divine, and walking on the water, or has he been “domesticated” in some way? How can we know more of his presence and power in our lives?  

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that Jesus would meet us in our places of fear, and pray that we would be reassured of his love and presence.
  2. Pray that we would follow Jesus on his mission without fear because we know and trust in his power.