The Pool of Bethesda | John 5:1-18
Rabbi Matt Rosenberg | January 21, 2018

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you truly answer the question that Jesus asks in today’s passage: “do you really want to be well?”
  2. How does your “being a good person” actually inhibit relationship with God? How is God calling you to repent of your own sinful rebellion and moral pride?
  3. Jesus never broke God’s law. How is this incredible truth our source of hope, not only for salvation, but for growth in true holiness?
  4. How does the gospel of Jesus free us from the trap of moralism and dead religion?

Prayer Points

  1. Praise and thank God that he saves us from our own: sinful rebellion, pride, and self-righteous religion.
  2. Pray that God would use us to show non-believers the gospel of Jesus, not just “how to be a good person.”