Passion, Pursuit, and Leadership | John 12:12-19
Aaron Gray | October 21, 2018

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Discussion Questions

  1. What leaders have been most influential and compelling to you? What was it about their leadership that steered you towards action and growth?

  2. Read Leviticus 23:4–8, Zechariah 9:9–13, and 1 Maccabees 13:51–52. How do each of these significant moments in the history of Israel contribute to the fervor of the people as Jesus enters Jerusalem?

  3. What fads have you chased? What fads are you currently chasing? How do you need to redirect that energy toward Jesus’ mission?

  4. Where in your life are you afraid to lead? What might be causing you to shy away from leading? How can we help one another to lead like Jesus?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we would be a church that pursues Jesus with passion, not passing fads or trends.

  2. Pray that we would grow in our leadership so that we can more effectively share the love of Jesus with our region.