Rivers of Living Water | John 7:37-52 (Easter)
Aaron Gray | April 1, 2018

Discussion Questions

  1. Bible Study: Read Nehemiah 8:13–18 and 9:11–15, Isaiah 55:1–7, Zechariah 14:8–9, and Ezekiel 47:1–11. How do these Old Testament passages underscore and give deeper meaning to all that is going on in John 7?

  2. Why is baptism such an important symbol in the Christian faith? How is it connected to the resurrection, to life, and to the Holy Spirit?

  3. Where—instead of Jesus—do you seek to satisfy your thirsts? How is Jesus inviting you to forsake those wells and drink from him?

  4. Who has God placed in your life who hasn’t given Jesus a fair hearing? How is he asking you to share Jesus with them?

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we, as followers of Jesus, would increasingly find our satisfaction in him.

  2. Pray for those who have rejected Jesus because they haven’t truly given him a fair hearing. Pray for opportunities to show them Jesus.

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