The Marriage Bed | Hebrews 13:4
Aaron Gray | September 25, 2016

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is sex such a sensitive—even taboo!—topic for many in the church? How can we help one another grow in openness, honesty, and transparency? How can we work toward an environment of trust, safety, and grace?
  2. How is marriage (and yes…sex) a signpost that points to the gospel? How do these joys point us to the even greater joy of the church’s relationship with Jesus?
  3. Discuss various reasons why our culture has become so obsessed with sex. In what ways have we bought into culture’s narrative regarding sex instead of what God’s word says?
  4. Action: consider having your Community Group meet separately as men and women this week. Have a time of discussion regarding these topics. Make space for honesty and confession, and make plans to help one another walk forward in God’s grace.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that we as a church would be so inspired and motivated by the gospel that we would joyfully honor marriage and consistently run from sexual immorality.
  2. Pray for those who have experienced hurts and wounds from sexual sin—both their own and others’. Pray that God would show them his grace, healing, and redemption.

More Resources

  1. The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller (book)
  2. Finally Free by Heath Lambert (book)
  3. What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp (book)