When Newer is Better | Hebrews 8:1-13
Aaron Gray | April 10, 2016

Discussion Questions

  1. Even though we might wish that Jesus was physically present on earth today, why is it better for us that he is in heaven?
  2. Why is the new covenant under Christ so much better than the first covenant under Moses? What reasons does Jeremiah give? What other reasons does the New Testament give?
  3. How can we be thankful for past things while still being open to new and better things that God has for us in the future? How can we help each other walk out that tension?
  4. What past things—even good things!—might keep you “stuck?” How is God asking you to respond?

Prayer Points

  1. Praise and thank God for his perfect new covenant in Jesus.
  2. Pray that God would keep us open—as individuals and a church—to new and better things that he has for us in the future.